Monday, September 24, 2012

Name changes and more

I'm home today with a sick kiddo, and I started thinking. I really want to become a better blogger, but sometimes I just don't have any new scrapbooking projects to show. Lately, I have definitely been more of a crafter than a scrapbooker. I think I may change the name of the blog to reflect that. I am bouncing around a couple ideas, but if you have any, leave a comment!

With that out of the way, here is the latest craft I have been working on.

Josh and I got different sized boards at Home Depot, he cut them in half, sanded them, and stained them. I cut out the stencils using my beloved Cameo and because I was exhausted and not feeling well, the hubby aligned them and painted. After it all dried, I rolled rosettes until I thought my hands would fall off and hot glued them to the heart. I LOVE how it turned out...pun intended! But, even better, the bride loved how it turned out. I definitely CANNOT take full credit for this gorgeous piece though. The original tutorial was from Shanty 2 Chic and can be found here.

This was a combined shower/wedding present and since she knew about the sign at the wedding, I wanted to surprise her with a little something extra. So, I got some dish towels at Walmart, ironed on some Heat n Bond Ultra Hold to the back, and once again, turned to my trusty Cameo. Once more with the iron, and viola, monogrammed dish clothes! So easy, and so great looking. I'm definitely thinking Christmas gifts with how quick, easy, and cheap it was!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

I don't quite know where the time has gone...I feel like I just participated in the last Sunday Night Chit Chat, only to realize it was quite a few weeks ago! Anyway, I'm back for this week!

Picture of the hubby and I at a wedding last night.

What are you…

Reading? The Shadow Children series from Margaret Haddix. This series is SO good. Even though I teach seventh grade, I'm looking at using the first one with my remedial English class that I'm teaching this year.
Watching? It's fall, and with fall comes football! It doesn't even matter who is playing, if football is on one of the few channels we get, it is on our TV.
Listening to? Josh doing dishes and the football game.
Cooking/Baking? Nothing. My parents were visiting and my mom did leave me with a yummy apple pie. I'm also looking up soup and pulled pork recipes. I was feeling a little bored when I was doing the menu planning this week, so I pulled up Pinterest to try and find new recipes.
Happy you accomplished this week? Hmm..I got my fall wreath finished, the wedding present for yesterday, and some stuff done for school.
Looking forward to next week? Friday? The weekend? I have a REALLY rough bunch of kids this year, so I always look forward to the weekends...haha! I am looking forward to the Fall Fling on Saturday. We go to a hunting camp with Josh's family and friends and have a good time...tractor rides, food, drinks, laughs. It's a great time!
Thankful for today? My parents. They made the 5 hour trip up to watch Liam on Fri and Sat which saved us babysitting money and let us go to the wedding on Sat. I'm also thankful that they made it safely back to where they live.
***BONUS QUESTION*** You receive an unexpected large sum of money. It's a BIG number. Whats the first thing you do with it? This is unfortunately an easy question...student loans, car loans, and the credit card. If there was anything left, it would either go towards the mortgage or savings so I could leave my job and stay home with the little guy.

Scrap Fit Workout 75- Trendy Twine

I know I have been MIA for a while, but I had to make a card for a wedding I went to yesterday so I decided to play with some twine and participate in this challenge. I punched the sides of my patterned paper with a scallop punch and then wrapped the twine around it. I then tied the two ends of my twine in a knot as a little play on words with the greeting of the card. I finally tried the technique of printing journaling out, temporarily adhering my tag to the paper over the journaling, and then running it through the printer again. It turned out great! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

I took a couple weeks off of Sunday Night Chit Chat with Carla, but I'm back!

Ok, first let's start with a picture. This was me and Liam today. He had just woken up from a nap and wanted some cuddle time. Who am I to turn that down?
  1. Reading? Nothing at the moment, I just finished a book last night and haven't picked another one to download onto my iPad.
  2. Watching? Hubby has the golf tournament on so I am watching Rory accept his trophy for winning.
  3. Listening to? Liam clapping at the TV along with the fans at the golf tournament and walking around talking. His language is REALLY taking off the last few weeks and he is a talkative little guy. 
  4. Cooking/Baking? I may make banana "ice cream" tonight. It's so simply...just take 2 cut up frozen bananas, put them in the blender until creamy, and you have ice cream. You trick your mouth and stomach into thinking you are eating a guilty treat, but instead, it's just a banana! Don't know if it counts, but I am also freezing blueberries. Both Liam and I LOVE blueberries so I stocked up on fresh blueberries to freeze so we could have them throughout the winter and not have to pay twice as much as we do now.
  5. Happy you accomplished this week? I ordered pictures and did week 1 for Project Life/Project 365. I have been taking 1 picture a day every day since January 1, but the Project Life kit I wanted to use to document these pictures was out of stock. I finally ended up choosing a different kit, but still hadn't sat down to do anything with the pictures. I figured since I go back to work next month and I was starting to forget some of the journaling I wanted to include, it was time to get started! I have to admit, I'm in love. I love recording and journaling all of life's little details, and it is SO much faster than scrapbooking!
  6. Looking forward to next week? We are having our second garage sale Fri and Sat and I am looking forward to getting rid of it all (either selling or taking to Salvation Army) and FINALLY getting our garage back. (Even if it is just so we can get started on the wood working projects I want to make and sell.)
  7. Thankful for today? Family! 
  8. *BONUS QUESTION?* When it comes to shopping for clothes for yourself, what item do you have the hardest time saying "no" to? Jewelry and shoes. Both things are always guaranteed to fit! Now that I have lost all of the baby weight I do like looking at shirts too...specifically tank tops to wear under camis. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Night ChitChat

Liam's 16 month picture and after his first haircut. 
What are you:
Reading? Driven by Data: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction. A little dull, but I get paid to read it and I'm hoping it will help improve math scores with the new grading/evaluation system of teachers. 
Watching? Josh has The Cleveland Show on.
Listening To? Luna's nails clacking across the hardwood floor and The Cleveland Show.
Baking/Cooking?  Nothing. I don't cook and I rarely bake!
Happy you accomplished this week? Hmm...I got 4 loads of laundry done, 2 chapters read in my book, grocery shopping done, and most of my felt flowers for my wreath done this weekend.
Looking forward to next week? More summer vacation....don't think we have many plans except maybe going to the campground.
Thankful for today?  My amazing hubby. My allergies were AWFUL yesterday so Josh took Liam to the beach and gave me a few hours of alone time without trying to take care of a 16 month old with my nose constantly dripping.
*Bonus Question*
Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 18, line 4, and type out what it says. This allows the teacher to assess for more critical reading than is often possible with middle school novels. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Retirement card

I finally got some scrappy time in between the end of the school year and preparing for a garage sale. We had my father-in-laws retirement party this past Saturday so I decided to play with some alcohol inks to create a card. I am taking the Creative Chemistry 101 class from Tim Holtz and am having so much fun learning new techniques and playing around. I have used alcohol inks before, but my blending technique is improving. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another giveaway!

Carla (My Half Dozen Daily) is graciously having ANOTHER giveaway! This time she is giving away a checkbook holder/coupon keeper. This little creation is fantastic and even if I don't win one, I think I'm going to have to cave and buy one.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back again!

It felt so great to scrap earlier, that I thought I would head down to my room again tonight and work on another layout. I used Hello Summer by Echo Park and a sketch by Diana Fisher for the Paper Variety challenge. I do have a complaint about this paper collection from Echo Park. It is WAY TOO CUTE! I couldn't decide if I liked the front or back of the papers better and every time I decided I wanted a little scrap for something I would flip it over and realize that I couldn't cut a scrap because the other side was just as awesome! I finally cut up the front cover page of the collection for some of the scraps I needed for the smaller banners. That way I wasn't using a full sheet of paper. I wanted to stick with the bright colors so I decided to start with a white piece of cardstock and mist it. I think the effect was really fun, plus it fits with the challenge over at Scrap Fit. Finally, I got to use my new washi tape! The pink stripe and a yellow polka dot (hard to see if the picture) were both a fantastic find at Target! Thanks for looking!

Yay for scrappy time

I haven't scrapped in SO least it feels that way. I am usually a social scrapper and go to monthly crops at one of my friend's houses, but she had to cancel her last one and is super busy the next couple months, so she hasn't had one of her crops. Anyway, I was feeling the lack of creative time, so I made some time to scrap yesterday and today. I have been very inspired by the style of Corrie Jones lately, and wanted to give both layering and gesso a try. I am pretty pleased with how it came out! The sketch is from Elle's Studio Sketch Thursday and I also completed Challenge 32: Masking over at Scrapbook Circle. The paper is also from the May kit from Scrapbook Circle, but I did use an Elle's Studio tag and a Hambly screen print that was not included in the kit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I do LOVE a good giveaway!

Carla, from My 1/2 Dozen Daily splurged on herself with a recent fabric purchase. She got some yummy looking fabric! But...because she feels like she spent too much on herself, she is offering up a great giveaway! Go to her blog to see the three easy ways you can enter!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

ScrapFIT journaling challenge

I'm here today with a new layout that I worked on today at my friend's scrapbook day. It is so great to be able to get away of average of one day a month and chat with friends and get some scrapping done. Notice I put chat with friends first, because I honestly think I do more of that than the scrapbooking. Anyway, this was the combined challenge at ScrapFit and Paper Variety. The sketch was from Paper Variety and the journaling was from ScrapFit. It's too late to link my project up to Paper Variety, but I made the ScrapFIT deadline just in time!
Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hello everyone! I'm here with a quick blog post and a layout. Things have been busy between lots going on at work, Liam turning 1, family visiting, decluttering the basement, etc... So, what's a busy girl to do when she wants to scrapbook? Fit 4 challenges on one page, that's what! Let's get right to the layout!
Here are the challenges it meets:

1. Sketch Challenge over at Elle's Studio. I stuck pretty closely to the sketch, and I included an Elle's Studio tag for my journaling.

2. Challenge #27: Stencils at Scrapbook Circle. I FINALLY got to play with my February kit from Scrapbook Circle, but used the stencils that came in the March kit to do my title. I traced the letters for ARRR above the circle on my paper and then went over them with silver Stickles. They are hard to see in the picture, but they really do pop out more in real life.

3. Weekend Warm-Up #25 at Scrap Fit. This challenge was to get messy. I splattered and dripped the pink circle with a Spritz Spray.

4. Tic Tac Toe at The Paper Variety. I did the bottom row. I included stitching by machine stitching over the faux stitching on the Elle's Studio tag, created a layout, and included die cuts.

Thanks for looking and hope everyone had a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Declutter Challenge Week 3

I'm back with a couple pictures of the week 3 declutter challenge. I'm on a different computer, so I don't have the before picture to show you, but once I get on the other computer I will edit the before picture in. Anyway, I decided to flip week 3 and week 4. The week 3 (productivity challenge) was supposed to be the garage sale stuff, but that has quickly turned into the dreaded challenge. And having a functional and clean workspace is productive so I figured it would work. Now, on to the photos.

Nothing, spectacular. Just a desk with a computer and where hubby stores all of his photography gear and where we all print to.

Well, I'm off. I have a screaming almost toddler who is acting like a nap is the WORST possible thing in the universe. Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Again, I skipped last week (Yay! Giants won the Superbowl!!!), but I'm back again this week with Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat.

First things first, starting off with a picture. Gotta start it off with Eli Manning, the Superbowl MVP!

Reading? A scoring guide for a standardized test. It's ok to be jealous. ;-)

Watching? Does my computer screen count? Too much work to do to be watching anything.

Listening to? The hubby is watching something on his computer so I am hearing that music in the background.

Cooking/Baking? I think I let you all in on a little secret 2 weeks ago that I stay out of the kitchen AT ALL COST! I did make myself a caramel brulee latte using my espresso machine not to long ago. Does that count?

Happy you accomplished this week? LOTS of laundry, including washing and hanging up most of Liam's 18 month clothes and putting his 9 month clothes in a basket. I just need to fold all of the 9 month clothes and put them away. And yes, I know he isn't even a year old and will be in 12 month stuff for a while, but a friend gave me more clothes than I know what to do with. So it's just easier to hang them up instead of putting them in a bin that I have to find later when it's time for him to wear them.

Looking forward to next week? FRIDAY! We are going to have professional 1 year pictures taken of Liam and it's my last day of work before a week long break!

Thankful for today? I'm feeling very thankful for my family. Liam hasn't been feeling well so we took him to a walk in clinic today. He hasn't had an appetite and kept tugging at his ear, so we assumed ear infection. Long story short, no infection, but the doctor was worried about his color and has ordered bloodwork to check liver functions, for mono, and jaundice levels. He said it's most likely nothing and could be just a virus, but it's a mother's job to worry so worrying is what I'm doing. I'm thankful for my family, especially my hubby who are trying to reassure me that my little boy is alright.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decluttering Challenge Week 2

This week over at Carla's, the challenge was to declutter a family space. If you remember my first post with all of the challenges listed, I was focusing on my basement for the whole month. Even with these 4 challenges, there are still things to focus on (clothes bins, other storage totes, going through stuff from college). Despite the seemingly endless list of things to do down in the basement, I did get week 2 complete (and ahead of schedule too!).

Just to remind everyone, here is the before picture again. In all fairness, it really wasn't as bad as it looked. The drying rack was actually over out of the way, but we had already started moving some stuff to prepare for painting the floor. As you can see, it was still quite messy and the floor was gross!

And now onto the afters:

This one is taken from the same angle as the before picture. We flipped the couch and futon around, put a slip cover on the futon, and we angled the futon towards the TV and projector. You can also see the drying rack is way out of the way now over by the washer and dryer. Hmm, imagine that, a drying rack over by the laundry!
This is looking at it from behind the family area (where the mess of garage sale stuff was). Josh has all of his gun and golf supplies and they are neatly organized. (And before I get questions, the guns are kept in a locked gun closet, are not loaded, and the ammunition is kept somewhere else...we take gun safety VERY seriously!)

This shot was taken from over by the futon. We have the snack center with the mini fridge and microwave, a little entertainment center, our US flag, and the Giants flag. We have also added a little kitchen cart under the US flag that we keep plates and things on to complete the snack center.

Last picture, you can see our projector screen, the TV next to it (for the months when football and baseball overlap and we need to watch the Yankees and Giants!)

What you don't see in the pictures: We hung a dart board to the left of the TV and have been down there at least a few times a week playing, Josh has sports shirts hung all around the perimeter of the space. What you can see if that the floor looks a TON better...even though the pictures don't do it justice!

We aren't sure if we are going to leave the floors like it is or put carpet or laminate floors in there. Josh is also building a coffee table out of broken hockey sticks to put in front of the couch that I think will really add to the family area/man cave feel. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decluttering Challenge Week 1

I am back with the after pictures for Carla's Week 1 Decluttering Challenge: Personal Space. I will show you the before picture, and then a few after pictures.

Here is the before picture:

And here are the after pictures:

Looking into my scrapbook/craft room. The hubby had just taken this set of shelves out of a pantry in the kitchen and to give me some more storage if needed he hung them up in this little spot. It fits great! No idea what to put on it yet, but I'm sure I'll thinking of something.

This is the same angle as the before picture. I decided to move the shelving system to the opposite wall and now this area is home to the kitties. We have the cat litter box, cat litter containers, and you can't see it, but a nice 3 shelved thing to hold wet food, dry food, and extra dishes.

This is where I moved the storage shelves to. They now hold cleaning supplies, office supplies, and some other things.

What do you think? I am so pleased with the outcome! Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another layout

I have one more layout to show you from my scrappin' time this weekend. It is based off of a sketch at Boy's Rule Scrapbook Kits. I also used the November kit from Boy's Rule to complete the layout.

A close up of the staples, brads, and burlap.

A close up to show the dimension of the banner and the Tim Holtz tickets. (LOVE those things!)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

I skipped last week, but I am procrastinating so I decided to join up again this week. You are supposed to start with a picture. Here is a picture of me during the summer of 2010. I was on vacation in Punta Cana. I miss warm weather and sunshine. I am totally not a winter person, which when living in upstate NY is not good. I guess I just like money more than sunshine because the hubby and I have talked about moving south and we would both lose our retirements if we did. :-(

Anyway, on to the rest:

What are you…

Reading? IEPs. Fun, huh? I even had a snow day on Friday to get these progress reports done, but I have been procrastinating big time. So here I sit on Sunday night when I should be going to bed, but working on those instead.

Watching? Nothing

Listening to? Josh has the TV on in the bedroom. Not sure what he is watching. Football? Sunday night cartoons?

Cooking/Baking? Nothing. I will let you all in on a little secret. I HATE the kitchen. I hate cooking, I hate dishes. I don't mind baking, but then Josh just tries to "help" (he can't stand having someone else is his kitchen) so I just give up and let him do it.

Happy you accomplished this week? Scrapbooking. I have been in a rut lately and haven't made enough time for me. I want to scrap, but by the time Liam goes to bed and I get everything done that I feel need to get done, I'm too tired for me. So I took 2 nights this week and did what I wanted to do rather than what I thought I should do.

Looking forward to next week? Not sure. More scrapping time? Progress reports being done? Definitely the Superbowl on Sunday and having some people over for that!

Thankful for today? Great friends. I went to go see a friend and her baby today who I haven't seen in almost 4 months. I went with another friend of mine. It was nice to be able to see her, meet her little guy, and just be yourself.

Thanks for reading and have a great Monday!

February Declutter Challenge

If you missed my post from earlier, Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is doing both a decluttering challenge and a low (no) spend challenge. I haven't had time to sit done with my budget yet, but I have some pictures and details for the decluttering challenge. Here are the details of what's involved:
Week 1: Personal Space Challenge
Week 2: Family Space Challenge
Week 3: Productivity Challenge
Week 4: The "Dreaded" Challenge

I hope I'm not cheating,but I'm combining them. Our basement is a disaster! My scrapbook room is down there and I am not motivated to go someplace to scrap that is a complete mess (the basement, not my room) and not a functional family space. So here is the plan of attack, I am combining all the challenges and hubby and I are going to get the basement under control. It won't get completely finished because we have to finish the bathroom that we gutted, put carpet in one area, and put cheap tile in another area. Although we have the supplies for the bathroom already, it is too much to add to this challenge.

Anyway, here are pictures with some details.

Week 1: Personal Space. This is what I am counting for my personal space challenge. This area is right outside my scrapbook room and I am sick of walking past a mess to gointo my room. I also want something more functional for additional storage if I need it.

Week 2: Family Space. This is the family space. I want a more functioning space sothat Josh and Liam can come down into the basement and play or watch TV while I am scrapping. I am totally a social scrapper so I get bored and lonely sometimes when I am down there alone. This is the area we are eventually putting carpeting into, but I doubt that will be this month. It just needs to be cleaner, more organized, and less cluttered before it can be used better.

Week 3: Productivity Challenge This is the garage sale stuff. It is unorganized, messy, and I have no idea what is there. My goal is to get it organized and ready to go once spring hits. I will count this as my productivity challenge because it is productive to get things ready to sell and make money. (Luna wanted to be in the picture.)

Week 4: The Dreaded Challenge This is definitely the dreaded challenge. Josh's "office" space is the catch all. If we don't know where something "fits" but it's important enough to be saved, it gets piled on Josh's desk or the dresser next to it.

Since the first of February falls on a Wednesday I will be doing the challenges Wednesday to Wednesday. Again, it may have bitten off more than I could chew, but we shall see. Luckily, I don't have too much going on at work this month so I won't have to worry about that. I will be busy planning Liam's first birthday party (first weekend in March), but I think I have a good handle on that. OK, a demanding almost 11 month old is calling for my attention, so I better go. Have a great day!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I heart challenges

As all of my friends that I scrapbook with know, I love challenges! I use sketches for my layouts a good 95% of the time and if I can combine that with another challenge, that's great. For this layout I used a sketch from Elle's Studio and combined it with the Weekend Warm Up at ScrapFIT. The challenge there was to use Kraft cardstock on your layout. Anyway, here is my creation.

I used Kraft cardstock for the strip of paper on the left of the layout and the journaling strips.

Here is a closeup pic of the stars on the bottom and the journaling strips on the bottom.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why not make life crazier...

OK, as if I don't have enough to do between my full time teaching job, my part time tutoring job, being a mom and wife, and being me, I have decided to take part in Carla's challenges over at My Half Dozen Daily. I'm not 100% sure if I am doing both, just one, or maybe I'll decide it's just not possible to do either. But I'm going to try! So excuse the break from crafting (I'll still post some projects and layouts), and enjoy my journey through the month of February. I'll be back later with some specific goals once I learn more about the challenges.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Wreath Project

I have another quick and simple project to share today. I had made a Christmas wreath, but I figured it had to come down with the rest of the Christmas decorations. I didn't have another wreath to put up, so it was time I made one! I started with a basic styrofoam wreath frame that I picked up at a craft store. I also got some pretty blue yarn that I thought worked well for winter. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped until the whole wreath was covered. I liked the effect, but I didn't love it, so I took some pretty silver ribbon and wrapped it around as well. For the sign I stole a piece of luan from my hubby's scrap pile in the garage, covered it with some Fancy Pants Arctic Chill paper, and used Stickles for the lettering. Adhere a snowflake, and you're good to go! (For the record, I HATE snow, but didn't know what else to write on the wreath, so I chose that. :-))

Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu planning project

Hello blog land! Happy Monday night (and Martin Luther King Day). I had an unexpected 5 day weekend, which was great, but unfortunately I spent a large majority of it cleaning. It's not that I necessarily like to clean, but I LOVE having everything clean and organized and in its place. Josh said to me yesterday (as he walked in on me washing the inside of the dishwasher), "Ya know, hunny. People actually live here. It's never going to be as clean as you want it to be." What a wise man I married. The truth is, I don't think I will ever be as clean or organized as I want to be. There is always going to be that stray dust bunny or piece of fuzz. There is always going to be a more stuff to organize and a better way to organize. But, you do what you can. And part of doing what you can, is the adorable menu planning/calendar project.
First, I ordered a 16x20 frame off of (Super clearance and free shipping.) Next, I sucked it up and paid the $2.00 extra and bought one at Walmart when the one from Joann's arrived in a million pieces. :-( I thought this whole next part was going to take forever and be awful, but it really wasn't. I cut out a few different sized squares to see which would best fit using my Cricut and vinyl. (Unfortunately, I don't remember which cartridge or what size I used.) Once I figured out what size I wanted, I cut the rest of the squares and letters out. I laid the glass piece on my scrapbook cutting mat. This has .5 inch grid marks and was REALLY helpful in figuring out spacing. I adhered all of the vinyl on the glass, but I had to do it backwards if that makes sense. I wanted the vinyl to be on the inside of my frame, so everything had to be reversed. After getting all the vinyl on, I put the glass piece back into the frame, adhered some burlap to the frame (gorilla glue, hot glue, staple gun...can't really remember which), and put the backing back on.

I wouldn't recommend using the calendar as your main calendar for a big family. We only have 3 people, and let's face it, a 10 month old doesn't have a hoppin' social life, so it works for us for now. The menu planning forces us to menu plan every week because I would be so embarrassed if company came over and found it blank. Whether we always stick with what is planned is another story. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Still no projects to show. :-( The flu hit hubby, so taking care of a baby, taking care of hubby, and trying to clean/sanitize everything didn't leave much room for crafting. Anyway, I had a quick minute while hubby is giving Liam his bath, so I thought I would participate in Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat. Here it is:

What are you…

Reading? I just finished reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. Haven't figured out what to read next because I have just been reading the Stackhouse series for SO long. Any suggestions?

Watching? The Giants game. (Go G-men!)

Listening to? Nothing at the moment, but I LOVE the Adele station on Pandora when I'm cleaning or scrappin'.

Cooking/Baking? Baby food, baby food, and more baby food. I take the all natural approach to raising Liam and he has only had formula once, we use cloth diapers, and he has never had bottled/canned baby food. We ran out of green so I believe green beans and peas are on the agenda, as well as sweet potatoes, squash, and applesauce.

Happy you accomplished this week? Cleaning! Josh getting sick forced me to do a thorough cleaning and with the 2 snow days turning this into a 5 day weekend, I've had more time than usual. I still need to get Liam's room, living room, and dining room, but the rest of the upstairs is completely clean. I sometimes go a little too far with cleaning, so it takes me awhile. Examples: yesterday I steam mopped the mattress, today I cleaned the inside of the dishwasher. I have also been knows to dust/lysol shoes before too.

Looking forward to next week? Scrapbooking with friends on Saturday and then having a triple date with other friends at one of my favorite restaurants that night.

Thankful for today? Josh feeling better and my infection clearing up and not having to have surgery to drain the infected area!

Well, I better get going. Liam is out of the tub so I gotta get pajamas ready and get the cloth diapers in the wash. Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick post

I have tons of projects I want to show you, but unfortunately I am dealing with a fever and infection. :-( So I am not feeling up to showing projects right now. Hopefully I'll be back soon.