Sunday, January 29, 2012

February Declutter Challenge

If you missed my post from earlier, Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily is doing both a decluttering challenge and a low (no) spend challenge. I haven't had time to sit done with my budget yet, but I have some pictures and details for the decluttering challenge. Here are the details of what's involved:
Week 1: Personal Space Challenge
Week 2: Family Space Challenge
Week 3: Productivity Challenge
Week 4: The "Dreaded" Challenge

I hope I'm not cheating,but I'm combining them. Our basement is a disaster! My scrapbook room is down there and I am not motivated to go someplace to scrap that is a complete mess (the basement, not my room) and not a functional family space. So here is the plan of attack, I am combining all the challenges and hubby and I are going to get the basement under control. It won't get completely finished because we have to finish the bathroom that we gutted, put carpet in one area, and put cheap tile in another area. Although we have the supplies for the bathroom already, it is too much to add to this challenge.

Anyway, here are pictures with some details.

Week 1: Personal Space. This is what I am counting for my personal space challenge. This area is right outside my scrapbook room and I am sick of walking past a mess to gointo my room. I also want something more functional for additional storage if I need it.

Week 2: Family Space. This is the family space. I want a more functioning space sothat Josh and Liam can come down into the basement and play or watch TV while I am scrapping. I am totally a social scrapper so I get bored and lonely sometimes when I am down there alone. This is the area we are eventually putting carpeting into, but I doubt that will be this month. It just needs to be cleaner, more organized, and less cluttered before it can be used better.

Week 3: Productivity Challenge This is the garage sale stuff. It is unorganized, messy, and I have no idea what is there. My goal is to get it organized and ready to go once spring hits. I will count this as my productivity challenge because it is productive to get things ready to sell and make money. (Luna wanted to be in the picture.)

Week 4: The Dreaded Challenge This is definitely the dreaded challenge. Josh's "office" space is the catch all. If we don't know where something "fits" but it's important enough to be saved, it gets piled on Josh's desk or the dresser next to it.

Since the first of February falls on a Wednesday I will be doing the challenges Wednesday to Wednesday. Again, it may have bitten off more than I could chew, but we shall see. Luckily, I don't have too much going on at work this month so I won't have to worry about that. I will be busy planning Liam's first birthday party (first weekend in March), but I think I have a good handle on that. OK, a demanding almost 11 month old is calling for my attention, so I better go. Have a great day!

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