Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

I skipped last week, but I am procrastinating so I decided to join up again this week. You are supposed to start with a picture. Here is a picture of me during the summer of 2010. I was on vacation in Punta Cana. I miss warm weather and sunshine. I am totally not a winter person, which when living in upstate NY is not good. I guess I just like money more than sunshine because the hubby and I have talked about moving south and we would both lose our retirements if we did. :-(

Anyway, on to the rest:

What are you…

Reading? IEPs. Fun, huh? I even had a snow day on Friday to get these progress reports done, but I have been procrastinating big time. So here I sit on Sunday night when I should be going to bed, but working on those instead.

Watching? Nothing

Listening to? Josh has the TV on in the bedroom. Not sure what he is watching. Football? Sunday night cartoons?

Cooking/Baking? Nothing. I will let you all in on a little secret. I HATE the kitchen. I hate cooking, I hate dishes. I don't mind baking, but then Josh just tries to "help" (he can't stand having someone else is his kitchen) so I just give up and let him do it.

Happy you accomplished this week? Scrapbooking. I have been in a rut lately and haven't made enough time for me. I want to scrap, but by the time Liam goes to bed and I get everything done that I feel need to get done, I'm too tired for me. So I took 2 nights this week and did what I wanted to do rather than what I thought I should do.

Looking forward to next week? Not sure. More scrapping time? Progress reports being done? Definitely the Superbowl on Sunday and having some people over for that!

Thankful for today? Great friends. I went to go see a friend and her baby today who I haven't seen in almost 4 months. I went with another friend of mine. It was nice to be able to see her, meet her little guy, and just be yourself.

Thanks for reading and have a great Monday!


  1. Erin, I thought it was just on my iPad, but your blog is sooo hard to read... The top & bottom are pitch black & I can't see the font at all... my friend gets the same thing, so I know it's not just me..

    From what I can read, I'm in a rut with scrapbooking too, seems that the only time I've been scrapbooking is to work on paid projects. I want to *want* to scrapbook again, Kwim?

  2. What a cute layout!! I need to get to scrapbooking it has been to long but I have a hard time getting in and out of the zone. With sewing I can walk away then go right back to it. Maybe I need to make myself a challenge to get it done!!