Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu planning project

Hello blog land! Happy Monday night (and Martin Luther King Day). I had an unexpected 5 day weekend, which was great, but unfortunately I spent a large majority of it cleaning. It's not that I necessarily like to clean, but I LOVE having everything clean and organized and in its place. Josh said to me yesterday (as he walked in on me washing the inside of the dishwasher), "Ya know, hunny. People actually live here. It's never going to be as clean as you want it to be." What a wise man I married. The truth is, I don't think I will ever be as clean or organized as I want to be. There is always going to be that stray dust bunny or piece of fuzz. There is always going to be a more stuff to organize and a better way to organize. But, you do what you can. And part of doing what you can, is the adorable menu planning/calendar project.
First, I ordered a 16x20 frame off of (Super clearance and free shipping.) Next, I sucked it up and paid the $2.00 extra and bought one at Walmart when the one from Joann's arrived in a million pieces. :-( I thought this whole next part was going to take forever and be awful, but it really wasn't. I cut out a few different sized squares to see which would best fit using my Cricut and vinyl. (Unfortunately, I don't remember which cartridge or what size I used.) Once I figured out what size I wanted, I cut the rest of the squares and letters out. I laid the glass piece on my scrapbook cutting mat. This has .5 inch grid marks and was REALLY helpful in figuring out spacing. I adhered all of the vinyl on the glass, but I had to do it backwards if that makes sense. I wanted the vinyl to be on the inside of my frame, so everything had to be reversed. After getting all the vinyl on, I put the glass piece back into the frame, adhered some burlap to the frame (gorilla glue, hot glue, staple gun...can't really remember which), and put the backing back on.

I wouldn't recommend using the calendar as your main calendar for a big family. We only have 3 people, and let's face it, a 10 month old doesn't have a hoppin' social life, so it works for us for now. The menu planning forces us to menu plan every week because I would be so embarrassed if company came over and found it blank. Whether we always stick with what is planned is another story. ;-)

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