Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

I don't quite know where the time has gone...I feel like I just participated in the last Sunday Night Chit Chat, only to realize it was quite a few weeks ago! Anyway, I'm back for this week!

Picture of the hubby and I at a wedding last night.

What are you…

Reading? The Shadow Children series from Margaret Haddix. This series is SO good. Even though I teach seventh grade, I'm looking at using the first one with my remedial English class that I'm teaching this year.
Watching? It's fall, and with fall comes football! It doesn't even matter who is playing, if football is on one of the few channels we get, it is on our TV.
Listening to? Josh doing dishes and the football game.
Cooking/Baking? Nothing. My parents were visiting and my mom did leave me with a yummy apple pie. I'm also looking up soup and pulled pork recipes. I was feeling a little bored when I was doing the menu planning this week, so I pulled up Pinterest to try and find new recipes.
Happy you accomplished this week? Hmm..I got my fall wreath finished, the wedding present for yesterday, and some stuff done for school.
Looking forward to next week? Friday? The weekend? I have a REALLY rough bunch of kids this year, so I always look forward to the weekends...haha! I am looking forward to the Fall Fling on Saturday. We go to a hunting camp with Josh's family and friends and have a good time...tractor rides, food, drinks, laughs. It's a great time!
Thankful for today? My parents. They made the 5 hour trip up to watch Liam on Fri and Sat which saved us babysitting money and let us go to the wedding on Sat. I'm also thankful that they made it safely back to where they live.
***BONUS QUESTION*** You receive an unexpected large sum of money. It's a BIG number. Whats the first thing you do with it? This is unfortunately an easy question...student loans, car loans, and the credit card. If there was anything left, it would either go towards the mortgage or savings so I could leave my job and stay home with the little guy.

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  1. Love the photo, Erin!! :) What a beautiful keepsake that photo will be! And it's awesome that your parents could babysit for you! The cost of a babysitter is insane.. we've only had a "sitter" once in 18 years thankfully. My oldest watches the girls usually and she's happy with a small treat here & there!