Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decluttering Challenge Week 2

This week over at Carla's, the challenge was to declutter a family space. If you remember my first post with all of the challenges listed, I was focusing on my basement for the whole month. Even with these 4 challenges, there are still things to focus on (clothes bins, other storage totes, going through stuff from college). Despite the seemingly endless list of things to do down in the basement, I did get week 2 complete (and ahead of schedule too!).

Just to remind everyone, here is the before picture again. In all fairness, it really wasn't as bad as it looked. The drying rack was actually over out of the way, but we had already started moving some stuff to prepare for painting the floor. As you can see, it was still quite messy and the floor was gross!

And now onto the afters:

This one is taken from the same angle as the before picture. We flipped the couch and futon around, put a slip cover on the futon, and we angled the futon towards the TV and projector. You can also see the drying rack is way out of the way now over by the washer and dryer. Hmm, imagine that, a drying rack over by the laundry!
This is looking at it from behind the family area (where the mess of garage sale stuff was). Josh has all of his gun and golf supplies and they are neatly organized. (And before I get questions, the guns are kept in a locked gun closet, are not loaded, and the ammunition is kept somewhere else...we take gun safety VERY seriously!)

This shot was taken from over by the futon. We have the snack center with the mini fridge and microwave, a little entertainment center, our US flag, and the Giants flag. We have also added a little kitchen cart under the US flag that we keep plates and things on to complete the snack center.

Last picture, you can see our projector screen, the TV next to it (for the months when football and baseball overlap and we need to watch the Yankees and Giants!)

What you don't see in the pictures: We hung a dart board to the left of the TV and have been down there at least a few times a week playing, Josh has sports shirts hung all around the perimeter of the space. What you can see if that the floor looks a TON better...even though the pictures don't do it justice!

We aren't sure if we are going to leave the floors like it is or put carpet or laminate floors in there. Josh is also building a coffee table out of broken hockey sticks to put in front of the couch that I think will really add to the family area/man cave feel. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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  1. yep that is a man cave!!!!! Great before and after shots.......