Sunday, January 11, 2009

Without further ado...

OK, so it's been a few days. Oops! I went to the doctor on Thursday for what was supposed to be a "simple" procedure, and of course with my luck, simple turned into complicated and incredible painful. And I have still been working and going about my day like normal for the most part, and I am paying for it! So I've been trying to take it easy, rest, and take my meds like a good patient. Which left no room for scrapbooking. :-( I'm back though! I did this layout for Julie's sketch challenge and it fit the criteria for the Sisterhood of Scrap weekly challenge as well. I was REALLY hoping to not use my sketch challenge layout for their challenge, but with not being able to scrap, it didn't happen. Maybe next week. And in case you can't read the resolutions they are: pay off my credit card, get a teaching job, be a better wife, maintain my weight, organize, clean, and de-clutter. Josh told me I needed to get rid of number 3 because I'm already a great wife (aww...isn't he sweet?!) But, I think there are always things I can do to improve...clean more, cooking or doing the dishes once in a while, be more supportive, get the picture!

Despite not feeling the best, I still went to Watertown with all of Josh's family on Saturday. We had a great time. I ended up getting a change to go to Michael's and picked up some alcohol inks from Time Holtz. I have seen these used, and have wanted to try them, but I've always been kinda scared and unsure. But, I want to experiment more with my pages and try stuff like that I sew and other techniques that I consider a bit "out of the box." I also picked up some papers that match the colors in the living room so I can get started on that altered project. I'm excited to get started on that. OK, that's all for now. Working on this page left me in quite a bit of pain and I'm subbing tomorrow so it's time for another pain pill and bed. Have a great Monday everyone!

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