Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing new to show...

Although I have been busy busy busy since I got home from work this afternoon, nothing is finished yet. I worked on the art work that I will be putting up in the living room, but I got a little stuck and can't decide if I like the papers I chose or how I want to finish it. So I put it aside and left it for another day. I also started the layout for this week's challenge at 52 sketches...52 weeks. I am proud of myself because as I said previously I wanted to expand outside my comfort box with scrapbooking and try sewing on my pages. I saw this week's sketch and realized it was a perfect time to try. So I had Josh get the sewing machine out and thread it and being the wonderful hubby that he is, he helped me. He stitched the first couple lines, then I took over. After I finished I did some practice lines and I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I'm proud of myself for experimenting. It's a shame that my parents gave me their sewing machine, and most of the time it sits in the closet. I really want to use it more. Ideally when we move into a house, the sewing machine will have a permanent spot in my scrapping room. I also briefly started the layout that is due for Sisterhood of Scrap on January 23. Even when I finish that I won't post it until the 24, because I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise of the sketch for Sketch Saturday. :-) Oooh, speaking of Sisterhood of Scrap they announced a Design Team call that I am VERY excited about. I'm going to send in my info in a couple days, so keep your fingers crossed! 
In other excited news, Josh and I got our Wii Fit today. We've been having a blast playing balance games. I've also enjoyed doing some yoga poses on it. I really enjoy yoga, but doing it on the Wii Fit is nice because it gives you a better sense of your balance and posture. OK, time to clean up the sewing machine, watch Law and Order: SVU, then go to sleep. Have a great night!

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