Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another card and lots to do

Although I wasn't really feeling very motivated today, I did manage to make this birthday card. My SIL birthday is tomorrow and we are all going out to dinner on Saturday. We are going to Applebee's, which seeing how the closest one is a little over an hour away, is going to be a treat. I am also going to splurge and order a Mudslide. (They are SO good there!!!) Anyway, I haven't decided whether to give her this one, or the birthday one that I posted a couple days ago. What do you think?

In other news, I started an altered project today, but I don't want to post pictures of it until it's all finished. I'm pleased with how it looks so far and think it will be really cute when it's completely finished. I was thinking today that the spring semester starts back up on Jan 19...a week and a half away! And I don't have anywhere near enough on my to do list done, so I've gotta kick my butt into gear! Here is what I'm hoping to get done before the new semester starts:
-finish the altered project for my scrapping room
-altered project for the living room
-making the fleece blanket and pillows for the living room
-paint and cover with paper the black cubes and put them up in my scrapping room
-organize all of my paper scraps
-organize, sort through, and de-clutter my school stuff
-sort, organize, rename some stuff on my computer so I'm all organized for the new semester to start
Not to mention I found out about a special ed job that is open, so I printed off an application today and need to get that filled out and sent in. I don't know when the position starts, and I don't know if they will even consider me because I technically don't have special ed certification yet, but it doesn't hurt to apply. 
OK, time to go to bed. I gotta get up bright and early for a massage, doctor's appointment, meeting, then home to get to work. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

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  1. I like your card. A couple of questions: Did you stamp the pattern on the green piece? Is that a pre-printed embellishment or did you make those too?