Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally some scrapping time!

OK, so I finally had some time today to do some scrapping. Friday is the only weeknight that I don't have class and I only worked for a half day today, so I wasn't as tired when I got home. Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but with classes being back in session and me working almost every day, I have been going to sleep around 9. I managed to do this layout tonight and I also finished the layout for Sisterhood of Scrap. Since the Sketch Saturday post won't be released until tomorrow, I don't want to show you my layout for that until tomorrow. I love the Noteworthy paper that I used for this layout. The colors and designs, while very girly, are so pretty. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, I especially love the buttons, but then again buttons are my favorite embellishments to use. 

OK, it's 10pm and I've been procrastinating on packing for the crop tomorrow. (Surprise, surprise...) So I better get going to pack for that so I can get to bed at a decent time...not going to happen, but here's to wishful thinking. I really don't know where the night went, it seemed like just a couple hours ago Josh got home from work. 

Oh, in other news. I talked to the high school principal at Edwards-Know (the school I applied at for the special education position) and they can't interview me because I'm not certified yet. The position was open because they fired the person. When they hired him, he wasn't NYS SPED certified yet and they gave him a year and a half. He didn't get his certification, so they fired him. According to the principal they can't really hire someone who isn't certified yet after they just fired someone for not being certified. I understand their reasoning and logic, but at the same time, they gave that guy a year a half to get certified, but I can't even be given the chance of an interview. It's frustrating because I am 1 class, and the CST away from being certified. Technically I'm enrolled in 5 classes this semester, but that's just required for my masters degreee, I only need 1 class to earn certification. I'm bummed, but that's life and I just have to keep thinking positive! OK, have a great weekend!

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