Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 40: Friday 5

Yep, that's right. I'm back again with another blog post. I think this must be a new record for me. Or maybe it's all the free time I have now because today was the first day of Spring Break. And although I should be cleaning upstairs because the in-laws are coming for dinner Sunday and I will be gone scrapping all day tomorrow, I was in the mood to scrap, so scrap I did. :-)

Anyway, here is my card for today. It's for the challenge Friday Five over at 365 Cards. I have been following this blog for the longest time, but I just started participating in the challenges yesterday. And although Pam can come up with some wacky things, you gotta give her credit for being able to come up with all different ideas every single day!

Here was today's challenge:
There must be 5 of 5 things on your card:
5 different colors
5 buttons
5 patterned papers
5 stamps
5 blossoms

And here is my card:

It may not look like it meets the requirements, but trust me, it does:
5 different colors: In the buttons I made out of patterned paper, there are white, pink, teal, yellowish-orange, and tannish-brown.
5 buttons: I made 4 out of patterned paper and have a read one on the flower punch.
5 patterned papers: 4 are used for the paper buttons and the 5th one is from the flower.
5 stamps: I used stamps primarily to make the background paper. I have three different flower stamps that I used as well as a leafy stamp. Then the sentiment is my 5th stamp.
5 blossoms: 1 punch, and then I technically have 9 blossom stamps on the pink paper.

Have a great weekend!