Thursday, April 8, 2010

As promised

Here is the update I promised in my last post. And I know how busy I have been is no excuse for not posting in over a year, but oh well! So here is a month by month recap of what's been going on in my life (or almost month by month)

February-May: So last time I posted I was in my last semester of working on my second Masters degree, this one in special education. I officially finished classes for the degree in early May and graduated with a 4.0. Go me!!! A week after graduation I had to have a second knee surgery on my knee to remove the cartilage that had been sewn back together in my first surgery. You would have thought I would have had plenty of time to rest and blog, but I was either doped up on pain meds or in too much pain to really sit in my scrapbook room to actually scrap.

June: This was a very exciting month for me. I applied at a local school district for a special education position, and within a week or two of sending out the application I was hired! I am working as a 12: 1: 1 teacher with seventh and eighth grade students of varying abilities/disabilities. It's a challenge and there have been days that I thought "What the heck am I doing?", but after almost a year in I can safely say I love it, I love the district, and it's absolutely what I am supposed to be teaching.

July: I had to do student teaching through a summer program for my Master's degree. I can safely say that was the longest, shortest month EVER if that makes sense. I didn't think it would ever end, but I had so much work to keep me busy that it flew by!

August: Busy preparing my classroom and attending lots of days of workshops.

September and October: Those two months are a blur and I don't remember much. Besides getting settled in a new district I wasn't familiar with, and being on my own in a special ed. classroom, Josh and I decided to look for our first house! After both turning 28 in October we closed on a house the last week in October and moved in Halloween weekend. October was also an exciting month because I became a Stampin' Up! independent demonstrator. I have always loved Stampin' Up and decided to make the plunge to become a demonstrator. So be on the lookout for updates from SU and my SU creations!

November-present: As I'm sure all of you homeowners out there can relate with, there is ALWAYS a project to do around the house. We built a scrapbook room for my down in the basement and putting up boards for walls, drywall, sub floor, flooring, painting, decorating, moving in furniture, and unpacking all my scrapbook stuff took quite a while! We are also almost completely redoing the other parts of the basement including the bathroom, building Josh an office, and creating his "man cave." In fact, as I'm typing this in my gorgeous new scrapbook room, Josh is busy putting up walls for the utility closet area.

OK, this post is getting a little long and it's time for me to go relax. I promise I will try to be better at posting on a more regular basis. Bye for now!

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