Friday, December 2, 2011

One sketch, two layouts

Tonight I wanted to share two layouts that you have already seen, but I wanted to show you how I was able to take one sketch, and make the layouts very different.
First, the sketch: (Courtesy of Keri from Sweet Peach.)

Next, the first layout I did using it:
As you can see, instead of doing the vertical pictures because I didn't have any I wanted to use, I chose to use horizontal pictures. I also didn't use the 6 pictures that the sketch called for, instead using only 3 and incorporating my journaling into the other three picture boxes. Everything else I kept almost the same except for the circles on the top and I used more than 5 circles on the side.

Now, onto the second layout:

If you recall from my post with this sketch, I completed this at a scrapbook retreat for a sketch challenge. This is a hard sketch to do when you aren't prepared with the proper pictures. So if pictures of meat work for the sketch and that's how you earn tickets, well, then that's what you gotta do! I did use vertical pictures for this sketch, and used 5 pictures, but still left room in that last spot for some journaling. I also changed the top and side from the original layout.

I hope this post has showed you the different ways you can go with a layout all while using the same sketch. I often use a sketch only once and then forget about it, but it may not hurt to hang out to them and whip the same one back out when looking for some inspiration.

I'm off to go pack for a scrapbook day tomorrow, so I should be back Sunday or Monday with something to show you. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Muito lindos o seus projetos!
    Beijo do Brasil.
    I loved!